Ruta Casco
Immerse yourself in time to discover the origins of the city!
Ruta Ensanche
Discover the cosmopolitan elegance of Bilbao in the 19th century
Ruta S.XXI
A new Bilbao with international projection awaits you in and around the Guggenheim Museum
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My name is Marta and I will be your personal tour guide in Bilbao

Is it your first time in Bilbao?
Or have you already been but have not visited here with an experienced local guide?

I suggest a slow tourism experience around the City:
We can take two hours or four;
We will focus on history, gastronomy, curiosities or whatever you fancy!
Maybe what you want is a combination of everything!

Old Town Route

We will discover the origins of Bilbao and its evolution from a small river port to a successful maritime commercial power, between the 14th and 19th centuries. We will talk about the Seven Streets, the Cathedral and the legends and stories that they keep, and of course not forgetting to dedicate some time to our wonderful and delicious gastronomy.

Expansion District Route

We will explore on our walk a new Villa of magnificent mansions and wide roads, tailored to the powerful industrial bourgeoisie of the 19th century, and that today is the social and commercial heart of Bilbao. We will do it without any hurry, stopping to rest and sample some of the internationally famous delicious pintxos, the Basque version of Spanish tapas.

21st Century Route

We will know how Bilbao was able to reinvent itself as a city of services around the Bilbao Ría 2000 project, leaving its industrial past behind. We will tour a new city with international projection focused on avant-garde architecture.
We will also taste our delicious “pintxos” with “txakoli” and have some time to appreciate the relevance of our gastronomy.

Total Bilbao Route

This tour will allow us to know the complete history of Bilbao. Starting in the Casco Viejo we will discover its origins and its development as a maritime commercial power. We will enter the nineteenth century and the change that the City experienced to accommodate the rich industrial bourgeoisie. Thus we will connect with the Bilbao of the 21st century, which recovers the old port spaces of the river to position itself internationally as a city of services and culture, without losing its identity. Of course, we will have moments to rest and have some refreshments.

What kind of visits do I offer?

100% Private

You determine the group and you will not meet anyone else during your visit. It is the best way for us to connect and enjoy an unforgettable time around the streets of Bilbao.


Tell me what kind of visit you are looking for and I will adapt it to your tastes and the time you have. We can stop to eat or do everything in one go. There are no stipulated schedules and you will be able to take all the photos you wish to.


Bilbao is history, gastronomy, architecture, leisure … It is you who decides what interests you most. Tell me and I will prepare a visit that will make you enjoy a unique experience. Of course … we will speak in your language!


Not everything in a city appears in the books: with me you will discover every secret of Bilbao through anecdotes, legends and curiosities. Our visit has nothing to do with boring and soulless speeches recited from memory.

Small groups

Have you ever wanted to experience a new city “as if you were from there”? The trick is very simple: a small group – around 6 people – getting to know each other and becoming involved in the rhythm and pace of the city. As a result you end up feeling like just another local.

What do my routes include?

They include...

✅ Exclusive private guide of Bilbao, that is, just you and me.

✅ VAT: Bilbao with Marta is 100% legal.

✅ A break to have a drink of txakoli, our local wine, and a pintxo. Not a wine lover? Don’t worry, we will find you something else to drink!

✅ All the photos you wish to take: you won’t have to choose between listening to me or taking photos.

✅ We meet up wherever you decide: in the hotel, the restaurant or in the place you are going to be.

Not included...

❎ Entrance fees to museums, monuments or restaurant meals. But, if you don’t want to miss the opportunity, I can book anything in advance. It will be reflected next to the administration fees in your invoice and you will not have to take care of anything.

❎ Stops to do some shopping. If you want to include them you must tell me to adapt the route and increase the duration of the visit. No problem!

❎ Transport from the start/end of the journey, or whatever is necessary depending on your needs. Although, if you see it necessary, I can arrange it in advance thus making everything easier.

Finalist Project in:

This is what they say about my routes

I came to Bilbao on a lightning work trip and only had 2 free hours at noon. Thanks to Bilbao con Marta I was able to get to know the city well and make every minute profitable. It was interesting and enjoyable, and I returned to Madrid relaxed. We even had time to have a drink!
Andrés - Madrid
We chose the Bilbao Total route to get to know the city thoroughly. We were worried that it could be tiring or boring, but it was quite the opposite: we would have stayed longer. The city is beautiful, but explained by Marta, with simplicity and friendliness, with anecdotes and stories, it's even better. I would repeat the experience without hesitation.
Jose & Carla - Tarragona
We chose Bilbao con Marta to escape the huge groups in which you don't hear anything. Marta understood what we wanted from the start and we had a great time. We visited places we had never heard of, and Marta's recommendations for the rest of the days were a complete success. Thank you.
Sara, Tere, Marian & Sonia - Jaén

Tell me how you want your visit to be!

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